In to the Out Side/D.C. al Coda: About the Play About the Play

In to the Out Side/D.C. al Coda is a full-length, one-act absurdist comedy which explores the eternal conflict between interdependence and individuality. Somewhere between Beckett and the Marx Bros., it portrays the cyclical relationship between TWO and B as they explore the closed system of their enigmatic environment and, ultimately, break through its constraints. Combining wordplay, physical comedy, and a provocative structure which challenges the conventions of the theater arts, this play is appropriate for all ages. In to the Out Side was previously produced, to critical acclaim, for the 2008 Capital Fringe Festival, and, with its companion piece, D.C. al Coda, was presented in a staged reading at the Kennedy Center's 2013 Page-to-Stage Festival.

So, what is In to the Out Side/D.C. al Coda really about? It's about an hour long. Really.